Covid 19-Coronavirus

We all need to take precautions for not getting infected of coronavirus, the virus is not dangerous at all but we need te be carefull of what do we don in our day.

The best recomendation I can give is to stay at home and clean all the surfaces in your house. If you ask for food clean the things where they are placed and don’t get close to the person that gives you the stuff. Only get out out of your house be sure that is for something really important like getting out for going to the supermarket or for going to work. If you go to the supermarket be sure to not get close to employees or tye people in general and when you get back home clean all the things you buyed and one of the most important recomendation I can give is to wash your hand very frecuently.

All of this recomendation are confirmed by the UN so you better consider to apply what I said all the time for not getting infected

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